Scotty Boy is a Star!

Scotty Boy and his Halo Vest are now national stars, our story was featured on the Fox News website

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Scottie Boy Makes the News!

Scotty Boy is a movie star! Fox 5 news Atlanta reporter Beth Galvin interviewed Scotty and his Mommy about his Halo Vest. You can view the video here.

It is also going to be shown on all Fox news channels around the country. We hope spreading the word about our Halo Vest will help many blind pups live better lives.

Helpful information regarding Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome

Please see below for an interesting article written by Dr. Al Plechner:


Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome is becoming more prevalent in dogs daily because their gene pool is becoming too similar due to structure breeding as opposed to function breeding or miss breeding practices.

A definitive diagnosis will come from a veterinary ophthalmologist who will do an electrical stimulation test of your dog’s retina.

Unfortunately veterinary medicine believes at this point in time, the cause and treatment for SARDS is unknown.

I have found the cause and treatment for SARDS through many years of clinical practice and encourage pet owners to have this problem diagnosed as soon as possible to help stop the permanent damage and the autoimmunity the may follow.

The development of SARDS comes from an autoimmune disease that is caused by an endocrine immune imbalance.

This imbalance is easily identified by doing a simple blood test that will provide the answers that are necessary for proper treatment a SARDS patient.

However, to attain accurate laboratory results, the blood sample must be handled in a specific manner and sent to a specific laboratory.

Unfortunately at this time, most veterinary laboratories do not have the proper equipment to attain accurate results.

If your dog has developed SARDS and you are interested in further information, please go to for the actual test, the proper laboratory and handling of the laboratory sample including a more in depth article on SARDS.

My only hope will be to provide for you and your SARDS dog the actual cause and treatment for this sad, autoimmune disease.

These are just some of my thoughts.


Dr. Al Plechner





Scottyboy is Westie of the Week!

Read below for an article featured on Denise Randall’s Good Dog Jack site:

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Woof! Woof! My name is Scotty Boy…and that’s what I am!

My life hasn’t always been easy, but thanks to my new mom, Dorie, it’s MUCH better now!

It all started about a year ago in Las Vegas….

Dorie volunteers with Scottie and Westie Rescue in Las Vegas and Atlanta. One night she got a call from the local animal shelter in Las Vegas saying that they had rescued a blind Scottie dog from the WalMart parking lot. Someone had just left him there crying. She rushed over to the shelter to rescue him and fell in love. She named him Scotty Boy.

My life was about to change!

When Mom took me home with her she realized that I needed help getting around without bumping into things. She had never taken care of a blind dog before and wasn’t sure what to do. She decided to look on the internet for help with taking care of handicapped dogs.

Mom found several sites that showed her how to make a “blind dog collar” which helps a blind dog navigate their way around life better. After doing a lot of research she came up with a better idea of her own and decided to call her friend to share her experience with her. Her friend also had a blind dog who had passed away from bumping her head too many times. Mom and her friend worked together to come up with their own idea, and the Halo Vest was born.

It is a lightweight vest that has a halo attached in front of my face. If I bump into something the Halo absorbs the bump and pushes me away so I don’t hurt myself. It sure has helped me a lot! I LOVE wearing it because I can walk all around the house and in my yard without being afraid of bumping into anything.

A few weeks after Mom made me my Halo Vest she took me to the veterinary ophthalmologist for a check-up. The vet couldn’t believe her eyes! She told Mom she needed to start a business and make more vests because there are a lot of blind dogs who could use them. Well…..the rest is history. Now we are successfully selling Halo Vests to help keep blind animals from experiencing pain and suffering.

This is my Westie friend, Bitsy, wearing her Halo Vest.

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Bitsy said she used to spend her days sitting on the sofa. But now she is back in the game of life! She’s off that couch and spends her time running around her back yard. She gets a lot more exercise and doesn’t have to worry about bumping her head and hurting herself anymore. She used to be sad but now she is a happy girl!

I love being outside, and going for walks with my Westie and Scottie brothers and sisters, but when I’m inside I stick close to Mom. After all, Mom is in charge of the jerky treats….and they’re my favorites!

Isn’t this neat? It’s my very own handicap ramp! We have a doggie door too, and I know my way around and out the door to the ramp.

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I have a GREAT life now! I live with two rescue Westies and another rescue Scottie. I have a great big yard to run around in and explore, and the best Mom and Dad in the world! And thanks to Mom I never have to worry anymore about bumping into things and hurting my head.

If you know a handicapped dog and would like to learn more about the Halo Vests, you can find out all about them here: